Störy 2000

 C.A.S.Y.M. Present at the greatest Microcar Meeting of the World

 Our well- known Jorge Lizardo and Franco de Marco were present at the Year 2000 edition of the Störy meeting. This event takes place every two years at Störy, a German location near Bockenem. Prior edition, in 1998, was also visited by Jorge and Franco, who had the idea of forming our Club as soon as they were back from Germany.

The meeting took place from Wednesday May 31 till Sunday June 4. Microcars were joined together on a great field, in which most of the car owners preferred to make camping by their vehicles' side rather than going to a Hotel. In that way they were able to keep an eye on their cars and were also involved in that "microcar atmosphere". Imagine yourseleves, waking up in the morning, opening your tent and finding the sun at dawn reflexing on an Isetta's bubble window or a Goggomobil Coupé's shining roof...

 Our friends took a time to build a booth with pictures, articles from Argentinian magazines, and so on.  Merchandising of our Club (stickers, cloth badges and our characteristic blue T-shirts) were rapidly sold - out or interchanged with other clubs. Jorge returned home with no sample of our souvenirs.

For booth construction and the rest of the activities, we were greatly helped by our friend and local collector Hans Gerhard Leppert, who acted as our host and official translator. He even offered our Club one of their cars : a red Goggomobil with white roof, which was decorated with our badge and a proud Argentinian flag.

 Main activities were, apart from a continuous car show, a raid through local roads ( in which our friends got lost for looking at the landmark instead of paying attention to the road, and even being driven by Hans...), social activities, autojumble and the almost obligatory visit to the Automuseum Störy, a private - owned institution which is considered the World's greatest microcar Museum, counting with more than 300 models among standard local and foreign vehicles plus prototypes.

Our friends Franco and Jorge told us about a lot of experiences they had during those days : "A guy brought a Honda on a trailer, and another guy came immediately and bought it before it was released !!!!" , Jorge said, referring to a dollar-loaded American man who purchased everything that was possible.  

Strange models (even more stranger for us) were not difficult to find : Brütsch Mopetta, Kleinschnittger, Scootacar, Frisky, Zündapp Janus, gave a special feature to the show, apart from the more known Goggomobil, Isetta, Messerschmitt, and NSU Prinz.

 Our presence at Störy 2000 was very useful in order to get our international recognition. We can say that the objective was complied as a lot of connections with microcar enthusiasts from Europe, Australia or Japan were made.

Next edition will be in the 2002. Most of who stayed here will be saving money for the tickets to Germany.  We hope next time our crew will be greater. Effort will surely worth it...

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