First CASYM National Meeting

October 4, 1998, Puerto de Olivos, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A promisory beginning

Our still very young Association, with only a couple of months on the road, performed the First National Meeting of Microcars and Antique Scooters for October 1998. There was a previous campaign, brochures and advertisements were distributed in car repairs, spare part shops and other places, and already known microcar owners  were contacted by phone or personally. 

Jorge Lizardo and Freddy Cazaubón, two of the Club founders, got themselves in charge of the whole work, as the group of collaborators is still very small.  We hope to be more in the future so we are able to distribute a bit more the work to do.

But let's return to the Meeting. Beginning of activities could have failed if the goodwill from intervining people, and specially the already mentioned Freddy and Jorge, didn't take place. The reason why is that a series of eventualities made difficult the success of the meeting. On a first place, the weather was cloudy and rainy since the early morning. At mid - morning, an intense rain storm stayed for several hours. 

Another problem was an athletic race it was taking place on Av. del Libertador, which caused the transit to be interrupted. People was "divided" between one side of the avenue and the other. Jorge desperately asked people not to get back. At the other side, on the Puerto de Olivos, we were trying to cover us and our cars until the storm finished. 

In the afternoon, there were problems with the local Coast Guard, who questioned the place we had chosen for the event. However, we must admit that the main street of the Port got crowded in the afternoon, which caused a transit congestion.

The meeting could have failed, as we mentioned, but the naked truth is that it didn't happen at all. A lot of people were looking to belong to a local microcar association, and this force was stronger than the rain and all the other problems. 

According to the data given by the organizators, more than 30 microcars and more than 20 scooters were present.  We could count three Messerschmitt KR 200 among the presents, one of them brought from Rosario (320 Km. from Buenos Aires) together with a Heinkel Kabine. There were also several Isettas, Goggomobils, an important troupe of BMW (De Carlo) 700, some NSU Prinz and a national Dinarg D-200 coming from La Plata (70 Km. from Buenos Aires).

Our principle of not making any difference regarding the state of conservation of the vehicles, as we consider that it's better to be more and that everyone who hasn't their cars restored were able to restore them,  was very useful for a lot of people who could contact each other, getting addresses for spare parts, accesories and services. 

Somebody brought an Isard Goggomobil TS 400 Coupé on a trailer, practically a naked body without any accesories, and severely rusted. Who knows how many time it was this scrap waiting, totally abandoned, until its actual happy owner took the decision to rescue it. We really expect that this meeting has brought  hope for a lot of people like him...

The event finished at the late afternoon, with a convoy through the internal streets of the Puerto de Olivos, which caused a great amount of surprise, applauses and admiration on people. The promise : To see ourselves soon...


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